September 24th 2018 Today in History –

Picture above you see the extended family of freemasonry. All associations with eye of Horus have been removed. Freemasons use of Egypt’s magical system often includes the eye of Horus which is supposed to be indicative of God’s all seeing eye.  The Scottish Rite and the York rite of human sacrifice are emphasized,  Both of these rites are racial killing rites and part of white supremacy’s grand master plan.

There were many freemasons groups.  Once their were all male groups who called themselves masons.  Now they have changed this in the public record and have associated masonry with construction.

They tried to hide in freemasonry and to hide behind women freemasons and to accuse women as being as bad as they were.

During the freemason holocaust. 

In Freemasonry, Middle Eastern men, Black men, Chinese and Asian men and Mexican men who were freemasons where slaves of the White Supremacy Scottish Rite and the White Supremacy York Rite and killed their own citizens and allowed facilitated the killing of citizens inside their countries in exchange for office and power.  Many elections around the world were fixed by freemasons.

The extended family of freemasons a freemason male publication. – These freemason websites are controlled y todays donald trump news conspiracy terrorists and not secure to do business with or to browse extensively.  

There were many good men and women who fought the drug war and like citizens they were killed by the freemason communist socialist white supremacy religious militancy during the drug war and the holocaust in which it occurred.

For people just joining us find someone who knows what our ministry is about. Ask around or study our pages and talk to people who know our work.  Avoid people who explain away our work.  They are a useless and part of the conspiracy of liars still working on the earth to regain political and financial power.

News – September 23rd 2018

News –  September 22nd 2018

September 24th 2018 Approved news for today is lighter than usual to give you a break.  It is from the public record which is supposed to tell the truth. Many lies from public the record are not included in our news. The many massacres and murders in history that occurred today are not retold,  JCAngelcraft

September 24th 2018 You have a conspiracy of liars working against you every day in the news. JCAngelcraft

September 24th 2018  2007 – Between 30,000 and 100,000 people take part in anti-government protests in Yangon, Burma, the largest in 20 years.

September 24th 2005 – Hurricane Rita makes landfall in the United States, devastating portions of southwestern Louisiana and extreme southeastern Texas.

September 24th  1996 – Representatives of 71 nations sign the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty at the United Nations.

September 24th 1993 – The Cambodian monarchy is restored, with Norodom Sihanouk as king.

September 24th 1975 – Southwest Face expedition members become the first persons to reach the summit of Mount Everest by any of its faces, instead of using a ridge route.

September 24th 1973 – Guinea-Bissau declares its independence from Portugal but remains a subject to the international religious ancient order of free and accepted masonry.


”To Independence” toasts a white supremacy freemason raising his champagne glass” ”To freedoms and liberties!”  toasts another.  ”More whites and young boys for our parties in Guinea – Bissau!”  ”here here” toasts the leaders of the order of ancient free and accepted masonry, the International syndicate, a murderous white supremacy idol worshipping and child trafficking religious organization dedicated also to the murder of women and the racial murders of men and children who continue in their operations.  If you like these toast templates see our special section called that little extra.

These murderous men of satanism a path of freemaonry called themselves high priests and dressed like prophets for some of their rituals became so arrogant in their world control they even sold merchandise. – These freemason websites are controlled y todays donald trump news conspiracy terrorists and not secure to do business with or to browse extensively.  

Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft La Couronne Mondes Château Versailles Place d’Armes, 78000 Versailles, France-

Despite great help, we must cultivate our faith in God’s Holy Spirit and everything else falls into place.  Nothing terrorist want matters.  Everything God’s Holy Spirit wants for you matters more. – JC Angelcraft  

Advisory:  The news featured here at Hard Truths for Human rights is trusting of the public record and trusting of people to tell the truth in the news and to do the right thing.  If any news posted to the public record is a lie, we expect the source to take down their news and make all necessary public corrections and apologies.   There are still lots of lies in the public record news that we do not reproduce.  Any old news posted here that has been determined as fraudulent will remain here as evidence for a minimum of one year.  We expect to be contacted in the event news posted in the public record is false or has been tampered with.  Please use this number in Mazatlan to contact us  52-669-954-0380  JCAngelcraft

Public health is important.  It is healthy for a society to know the truth about politics.  Donald Trump is not the president.  None of today’s figures in mason mass media are valid.  Mason mass media is false in every way.

I am today as level-headed as ever and have been prosecuting freemasonry now for a good while.  Their greatest defect next to mass murder, and concealing mass murder is that they are great liars and they lie in conspiracy.

For you just joining us, I recommend prayer and sober mindedness.

There is no alternative to love, peace, good government, good health and truth and goodness for all Peoples while we advance civilization.

Despite great help, we must cultivate our faith in God’s Holy Spirit and everything else falls into place.

I expect you to be smart enough to read any today in history in your language in any part of world, investigate as I do and detect the white supremacy conspiracy of death.  Here its easy and everything has been figured out for you.  But it is still important for you to tap into your logic and critical thinking skills when reading today in history away from our protection. I am also mixing in regular news with these headlines as a spiritual break as reading pure conspiracy news can be taxing and overwhelming.

The racial killings have to stop.  Nothing terrorist want matters.  Everything God’s Holy Spirit wants for you matters more.

When this is over the Peoples will be free once more from the tyranny and the conspiracy that we read every day in the history of the news.

Freemasonry is religious and is political. Review The Great Deception

911 Advisory No. 1

The Terms of  Terrorist

Welcome to Hard Truths on Human Rights  there is a conspiracy being waged against you

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Welcome to Hard Truths on Human Rights

  Apocalypse 1900 – 1939 

Apocalypse 1900 – 1939 is another period or apocalyptic age of Freemason Communist Socialist Religious Racial Wars  1900 – 1939 and Leading up to World War II and after another apocalypse of enormous  proportions. There are just to many wars during this time around the world during this period of time to cite them all here at this time at this time.

The Universal Peace Congresses were the primary forum for the Pre-World War I peace movement.  So we know things were bad before World War I then continued afterwards.

Delegates met for the first Universal Peace Congress in Paris in June 1889 and meetings followed almost every year until 1913. The Permanent International Peace Bureau, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910, was established at the Third Universal Peace Congress at Rome in 1891. It became the clearinghouse for information about the peace movement and now is affiliated with the United Nations.

The outbreak of World War I postponed further Universal Peace Congresses until 1921, when delegates met in Belgium to prevent the reoccurrence of another global conflict. Peace delegates continued to meet at annual congresses during the inter-war years, but failed to prevent the Second World War. The last inter-war congress met at Zürich in August 1939, concluding their meeting four days before the Germans invaded Poland.

Congress Dates Location – From the University of Indiana 

  • First Universal Peace Congress June 23-27, 1889 Paris, France
  • Second Universal Peace Congress July 14-19, 1890 London, United Kingdom
  • Third Universal Peace Congress November 11-16, 1891 Rome, Italy
  • Fourth Universal Peace Congress August 22-27, 1892 Berne, Switzerland
  • Fifth Universal Peace Congress August 14-20, 1893 Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Sixth Universal Peace Congress August 29-September 1, 1894 Antwerp, Belgium
  • Seventh Universal Peace Congress September 17-22, 1896 Budapest, Hungary
  • Eighth Universal Peace Congress August 12-16, 1897 Hamburg, Germany
  • Ninth Universal Peace Congress September 30-October 5, 1900 Paris, France
  • Tenth Universal Peace Congress September 10-13, 1901 Glasgow, Scotland
  • Eleventh Universal Peace Congress April 2-6, 1902 Monaco
  • Twelfth Universal Peace Congress September 22-27, 1903 Rouen, France
  • Thirteenth Universal Peace Congress October 3-7, 1904 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Fourteenth Universal Peace Congress September 19-23, 1905 Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Fifteenth Universal Peace Congress September 15-22, 1906 Milan, Italy
  • Sixteenth Universal Peace Congress September 9-14, 1907 Munich, Germany
  • Seventeenth Universal Peace Congress July 27-August 1, 1908 London, United Kingdom
  • Eighteenth Universal Peace Congress August 1-5, 1910 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Nineteenth Universal Peace Congress September 22-28, 1912 Geneva, Switzerland
  • Twentieth Universal Peace Congress August 18-23, 1913 The Hague, The Netherlands

By the end of 1913 already twenty peace conference were held.

World War I August 1914-June 1919

  • Twenty-First Universal Peace Congress August 10-13, 1921 Luxembourg, Belgium
  • Twenty-Second Universal Peace Congress July 25-29, 1922 London, United Kingdom
  • Twenty-Third Universal Peace Congress October 2-8, 1924 Berlin, Germany
  • Twenty-Fourth Universal Peace Congress September 1-6, 1925 Paris, France
  • Twenty-Fifth Universal Peace Congress August 28-September 3, 1926 Geneva, Switzerland
  • Twenty-Sixth Universal Peace Congress June 25-28, 1928 Warsaw, Poland
  • Twenty-Seventh Universal Peace Congress October 6-10, 1929 Athens, Greece
  • Twenty-Eighth Universal Peace Congress July 5-10, 1931 Brussels, Belgium
  • Twenty-Ninth Universal Peace Congress September 4-9, 1932 Vienna, Austria
  • Thirtieth Universal Peace Congress September 1-6, 1934 Locarno, Switzerland
  • Thirty-First Universal Peace Congress June 13-19, 1936 Cardiff, Wales
  • Thirty-Second Universal Peace Congress August 24-29, 1937 Paris, France
  • Thirty-Third Universal Peace Congress August 21-27, 1939 Zurich, Switzerland  Source Indiana University

Years ca-1900 – 1939 

During this laps of years an undeclared war againts the good people of the world was waged by men of the occult.

Years 1939 -1945.

Every day during world war II and before innocent people died in concentration camps-

Today’s conspiracy has been around for a very long time.  For people who do not read the bible, they can still detect the conspiracy in very practical black and white terms.   I would agree with anyone who says that the struggle between good and evil has been around since the beginning of recorded time.

By reading today in history you can see the forces of darkness at work much easier than we can on television.  Watching very carefully planned freemason media has conditioned us to so many things.

I remember that we together once listened and clapped to speeches made by freemasons and communist socialist politicians before we were awoken to their conspiracy.

Do not feel bad.  Before my own awakening, my Holy Spirit allowed me to be humbled by these men of Freemasonry  so I would know every emotion and feel every tear that you have experienced once it was revealed to you that men like Obama and Donald Trump or your favorite Chinese or Russian Communist Mason were not the saviors of the world.

I knew how much you loved your Freemason Politicians, but you are little eagles and now you have to lead and learn how to fly or be led now by a very different kind of man and woman; people who will not betray your trust and your senses like freemason communist socialist terrorist did.

It is hard for some to imagine that ”the war on terror” ended up turning on the freemason communist socialist especially the most recent.  But outside the freemason hypocrisy, real men and women gave their lives to fight very real terror and their efforts will always be remembered.

Part of understanding today’s news conspiracy is looking at history in the news.  We have more information now about the racial killings more than ever.  When the time is right the best presentation will come through us.  Right now for those people still learning its simple.  Read as much as today in history from as many sources as you can and in every language  every single day.  Use Google to translate news. It takes bout an hour to two hours daily to really absorb the news through Today in History.   Once you get fed up with the news and with all the death in the news then your ready for us.  Some however people started with us.

I root you in history because this is a very real and serious problem that involves all the major topics that the United Nations has faced these last hundred years.  Problems they could not solve.

Freemason communist socialist secret society types gave us only partial disclosure to terrorist acts and no disclosure with regards to their involvement in

  • Terrorism and racial killings
  • Genocide
  • Femincide
  • Serial Killings
  • Murder
  • Mass murder
  • infanticide
  • Human Trafficking
  • Child Trafficking
  • Black Sabbaths
  • Human Sacrifices
  • The Drug War
  • The War on Terror
  • The struggles for freedom and independence and how they relate to communist socialist freemason paramilitary racial killings.
  • The many occult religions practiced by Freemason 33 degree grand master wizards.
  • The list goes on together with many crimes that include but are not limited to murder in every degree and the sexual abuse and murder of trafficked children, appropriate, documented and undocumented.
  • And lastly but not the end of the list by any means is the conspiracy to cover up these aforementioned crimes.

Today’s murderous and racial conspiracy goes way back. But to keep things manageable lets start with a little World War II information.

Some historians argue that World War II started 1937. However as early as 1932 when Hitler ascended to power as Chancellor people started to die in the first German concentration camp.   Many others would soon rise up before the start of World War II. At about this time communist Russia had their extermination camps and pogroms going.  World War II was the final war between Russia and Germany, a white supremacy ongoing conflict inside which millions of racial killings occurred and untold number of human rights abused over several centuries.  Every war between Russia and Germany, has underlying goals of white supremacy, besides all the issues that are unique to each war.  Both these countries together with many other European and United Kingdom white supremacy countries have subjected their citizens to white supremacy through many years.   Our future will be determined by how well we can help the citizens of White Supremacy countries and white supremacy conditioned countries to police and govern themselves and teaching them to be spiritually aware of white supremacy terrorism inside their country.  The politics and racial teachings of white supremacy are supposed to stop and not to interfere again in the lives of people and in politics of any other country and all countries must  work to respect and better educate and better prosper all Peoples living inside their nations.

Today because of the war of information white supremacy paramilitaries have today changed much information trying to remain undetected as full-fledged nazi-communist extremists.

Between wars in Europe both Russia and German white supremacy Ideologies battled for supremacy inside various nations but non so torn as Spain and Franco taking the side of Germany,

Spanish_Civil_War_-_Mass_graves people who were exterminated by conflicting white supremacy ideologies.

Between world wars,  freemasons,  mainly communist socialists in the United States and other countries worked to undermine the world both in government, through Industry, white supremacy and in the United States also through the Ku Klux Klan.

Communist anti-Semitism propaganda together with Socialist propaganda and Industrial depression together with persecution of many populations of people around the world nearly broke the world.

In Russia millions of Russian citizens starved to death under Jospeh Stalin,  while FDR and other world leaders in some countries worked to counter the depression and the white supremacy destroying their countries.

Spain and China both considered ethnic by white supremacy between world war I and world War II suffered millions of deaths to  classic white supremacy communist socialist civil wars.

In Mexico, the freemason white supremacy Mexican Presidency declared war on poor simple pious Mexicans and their catholic beliefs and slaughtered 250,000 mexicans before the United States Stepped in to save the Christian army of Mexico, immigrating as many to the United States where they suffered through the depression with Americans, but contributed and many accepted lower wages, not to steal jobs, but that was all that was offered to them.

Many countries suffered the communist socialists white supremacy onslaught between wars.

In the United States good politicians, the people and good Industry together with FDR’s leadership resisted the communist socialists attacks on the social fabric of the country supported secretly sometimes openly by many freemason politicians and freemason Industrialists through a strategy of depression and in the war they refused in some cases to help in war effort.

However solid God-fearing Americans with God’s help overcame the depression and rebuilt the nation and the military and won World War II after helping to win World War I.

In the United States white supremacy bioterrorism  was a problem even before the revolutionary war when they used the smallpox virus to kill colonists. To combat this the United States Public Health Service formed in 1798 after defeating British and Prussian white supremacy in the revolutionary war,

Between World War I and World War II Branches like the United States Public Health service worked to educate the country on bio-terrorism helping the presidency make some very difficult decisions with regards to the accepting of immigrants who were screened thoroughly at ellis Island before being allowed into the United States.

No disease exists in this world naturally. Every disease on plants, animals and human’s are complex creations created in laboratories by freemason white supremacy scientists over the years. Some of those diseases, the more serious ones, can be passed down through child-birth.

Any history of medicine that attempts to date any disease before a plausible date where it could have been created inferring it was naturally created, are mere fabrications, to hide the white supremacy conspiracy and plans of the grand master race.

This kind of thinking has been around a long time. The mechanics of white supremacy are always changing and have evolved to address its failures and also to keep it alive.

Between World War I and World II  a video presentation

Today Departments of Health and Health Organizations around the world remain targets by White Supremacy paramilitaries who again want to control them and their statistics which is where much death is hidden or destroy them completely to start a white supremacy health service.

Their goals are to reduce innovations and spread disease and minimize the number of helping agencies in the world while trying to remain undetected just like before when they once controlled children’s programs, services for children and nearly every child government and private social service in the world.

The worldwide conspiracy had succeed up to the year 2011 from being fully detected around the world.

This international idol worshipping religious occult white supremacy organization with atheist members as well go by the name of the order of ancient free and accepted masons.  They have many sub groups and associations all dedicated to the same white supremacist goals.

They once had tens of thousands of lodges and secret places around the world where they had gentlemen’s parties and did human sacrifices all the while working their drone program and paramilitaries around the world and governments through corruption to war or to kill their own citizens.

This organization devises all kinds of ways and news stories to explain away or cover the intentional deaths taken by white supremacy terrorism to further their plans for the grand master race.

There is no lessor form of white supremacy.  White supremacy has been perfectly defined.  There does exist racism and bigotry that by itself is not white supremacy until they join together.

We are still fighting Stalin and Hitler’s disciples. converts and allies.

JC Angelcraft

Fundacion JC Angelcraft A.C. RFC FJA0809108B5

Fundacion JC Angelcraft A.C. RFC FJA0809108B5  is The Angelcraft Foundation for Education et Fondation Angelcraft pour l’éducation.corpvs Tout avec conscience, tout avec le but, tout avec amour. Palais de Trocadero 1 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016 Paris, Théocratie de France +33 1 30 83 78

Freemasony is religious and is political review The Great Deception

911 Advisory No. 1

I expect you to be smart enough to read any today in history in your language in any part of world, investigate as I do and detect the white supremacy conspiracy of death.  Here its easy and everything has been figured out for you.  But it is still important for you to tap into your logic and critical thinking skills when reading today in history away from our protection. I am also mixing in regular news with these headlines as a spiritual break as reading pure conspiracy news can be taxing and overwhelming.   JC Angelcraft

The Great Seal of the United States of America – Hard Truths on Human Rights by Angelcraft

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